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Pain Management for Spine-Related Conditions

In our continued efforts to provide the most comprehensive medical services for our community, we have recently opened our 皇冠hg6686新版. hg6686皇冠下载一般 皇冠hg6686新版 is located on the 2nd floor of hg6686皇冠下载一般 and is staffed by 爱资哈尔帕夏, MD.

Within our 皇冠hg6686新版, we are proud to offer our Spine Interventional 诊所. The goal of this clinic is to help patients suffering from spine-related 伤害或状况. Participants in the clinic will benefit from customized treatment plans and learn how to properly manage their spine-related pain.

The Pain 诊所 is open on Friday from 7:30 am to 1:00 pm. 如果你有 questions or would like additional information, please call our dedicated professionals at 601-389-1548 or 601-389-1552.


The hg6686皇冠下载一般 皇冠hg6686新版 provides non-narcotic interventional pain treatment using the most advanced technology and equipment.

We serve a multitude of patients suffering from:

  • Acute or chronic neck and lower-back pain
  • 工伤
  • 车辆意外伤害
  • 带状疱疹疼痛
  • Acute or chronic sympathetic pain
  • 纤维肌痛症
  • 慢性头痛

Dr. 爱资哈尔帕夏 and his highly trained staff offer customized medical procedures, including a full range of pain management and interventional spine treatment and carefully monitored opioid medication therapy. 我们提供友好的, welcoming environment where each treatment is focused solely on the safety and comfort of the patient.

关于博士. 爱资哈尔帕夏

Dr. Pasha is the Director and Founder of his most recent practice, the 皇冠hg6686新版 of Meridian. Along with his recent privileges at hg6686皇冠下载将军,博士. Pasha also has privileges with all three Meridian 区医院. Dr. Pasha is Board Certified by ABMS in Anesthesiology. He holds multiple other certifications including but, not limited to spinal cord stimulation, drug infusion, joint injections, and epidural injections.

We are very fortunate to have this relationship with Dr. 还有帕夏 as the great team here at hg6686皇冠下载一般. 我们期待为您服务 您的医疗保健需求.

关于博士. 戴尔J. 克莱因

Dr. 克莱因 performs anesthesia for all general surgical, neurosurgical, orthopedic, ophthalmic, gynecological and trauma operations. 他是 Staff Pain Medicine Physician at Anderson Regional Medical Center, and 与博士合作. 爱资哈尔帕夏 at hg6686皇冠下载 皇冠hg6686新版 providing clinical expertise in pain management to include interventional procedures with associated anesthesia responsibilities. He holds multiple other certifications including but, not limited to Advanced Cardiac Life Support, basic life support for the health care provider and pediatric advanced life support.

We are very fortunate to have this relationship with Dr. 克莱因也是如此 as the great team here at hg6686皇冠下载一般. 我们期待为您服务 您的医疗保健需求.


While you're busy planning your family's life, couldn't you use a little help planning your family's health? At hg6686皇冠下载一般, we are growing our family of providers to help you meet the ever changing and demanding needs you have in order to keep your family healthy and well.

With convenient locations, more physicians, specialty services and even an urgent care center ready to provide you with fast care without the emergency room wait, you can count on hg6686皇冠下载一般. 参观hg6686皇冠下载 clinic pages and discover what hg6686皇冠下载一般's team of professional and caring physicians can do to help you and your family.